Sunday, 21 June 2015

Ways of Life

There are many ways to define life or there are things with which we can compare to share the ways of life. Every way of life is unique in itself. Some feel comfortable with the ways of life, some tries to stand against it. But all leads to same result, birth and death. I am the one who always trying to figure out the best possible way to deal with situations by being optimistic all the times. But indulging in practices I do have limit. I always try to outdo my limits. In the process, at times I got frustrated for a short span of time then try to leave all things behind with new beginning. It is the hardest thing one could ever imagine, leaving all the endeavors we put in to achieve the objective. But everyone has to figure it out on it owns, because you know yourself way much better than anyone else. I am not saying following someone’s advice is wrong, but to practice blindly also makes you slave. Took advice and then analyze it, so that it could be worth following. I am not a teacher or preacher. I always keep questioning my knowledge every day as if there is some other way to find out things, to change things according to me.
I am not sure why I am writing this. I am just trying to figure out whether writing things could make you feel same way as If you are sharing things with someone.

Through the knowledge I gained in these years, all I get to know is, nothing is good and nothing is bad. When you regret something, you say it a bad and when you feel good about something, you say it is good. Do whatever you want to but make sure you don’t regret things later on. I’ve read in Holy Scriptures whosoever tries to define a life is a mere fool. I am not trying to define life, all I want to say life has its own ways. I saw some folks who got frustrated with events in life, usually looking for guidance. Looking for guidance is not a bad thing but to follow something blindly is also not a good practice. I saw people going to astrologers to know the things in advance. They think that knowing things in advance make things great and they follow every ounce of their advice. Every human has the very same mind to guide your consciousness. All we need to do is to figure out.
Here I am trying to capture all the ways to define life. There could be a possibility that I might not able to capture all ways of life near future. Still an effort to do is worth trying. Let me start with the very vital way to living in terms of “LOVE”.
I was not a firm believer of love few days back. Not even today, I am sure I still believe in it. Love is not a feeling or in other words it is just a need to live life. We all are very aware of the things happening around. Lovers practice things which make them feel regret and this regret lead them to life they never ever expected. Then they name them, due to so and so reason I am in this condition. Actually that is the dark side of human which one always long to live but afraid to pursue because we thinks if that side of yours come in front, they will become bad which is not true at all. We always try to hide those feeling with some sort of curtain, we can say despised in love, so that we could get a reason to do things. If you really love something or someone, you don’t reason. And I don’t think love happens for a reason. If reason is coming when you are in love that means you are simply getting into a covenant with life, which in my language is not a life at all. Doing things without thinking of reason are the things which could make you feel stronger and happier. I am going to document some aspects of my life which I hold responsible for making these statements.
 Love a divine word, other way of reciting GOD’s name.  Love is everywhere. The love of the parents for their children is a very good example. Parents don’t reason to love you. They love you because they want to. And they never expected a single thing in return. This is the true definition of Love. In today’s date, love is just a mere attraction. And when things go out of hands, we do things which you always want to do but feared to accept it. And you make a reason of it. There is one more thing I observed about Love is that there is not much difference in Love and obsession. Those who say can’t live without you are just a deception. They are the people who are tired of some other things in life. They try to fill in the space with someone’s entry and when they come to know that things won’t go as they expected. They become weak and end up with slicing wrists kind of things which is a mere shame to life. So, if you love, don’t look for reasons to love. Love is a feeling that comes in you within a second. You don’t need to search for it. It is the thing that will come by once you meet the right match. But it is not necessary that you’ll get same intention every time. You felt the Love, you expressed it, now it’s up to second person to whether he/she wants to pay tribute to your intentions. For Love you don’t need to go somewhere, it is always around you.